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Gazi Tyres Jiboner Golpo

Dotcreat Ltd.

Gazi Tyres Jiboner Golpo

Dotcreat Ltd.

Overview project

The TVC revolved around the TG’s daily life, how they are facing iniquitous, injustice, rudeness, humidity, rain etc. We showed the story of their patience, kindness, dedication, hard work & bravery. We also added the emotional attachment of the brand that Everyone doesn’t understand their pain, except Gazi because of their durable tyre.

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Title

    জীবনের গল্প ( Jiboner Golpo )

  • Nomination Category


  • Brand Name

    Gazi Tyres

  • Type of Product or Service


  • Advertising Agency

    Dotcreat Ltd.

  • Campaign Duration

    27-January-2016 to


TG felt connected with the communication we developed and praise the storyline. The campaign generated the huge impact on people in general and also in targeted audience. The improvement in market share have increased too and it is significant-

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CNG Tyre sell increased

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Auto Tyre sell increased

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Rickshaw and van Tyre sell increased